About Us

Executive Search

In 2009, Samuel Dergel, the firm’s principal, left the world of public accounting and founded DERGEL Executive Search. The firm has specialized in placing talented executives, with a focus on CFO’s, from across North America into roles that reinvigorated their passion for work and brought much needed expertise to the client firms. Today, the firm regularly completes placements for Fortune 500 organizations, and is developing a practice area devoted to CFO placements for accelerator-funded startups as well.

Community Building

One of the factors which has demarcated DERGEL Executive Search in the industry for more than a decade has been their singular focus on building communities and peer groups of individuals in the executive search space. Through curated discussions, in-person meetup events and other interactive forums, DERGEL has built a relationship of trust with and between key decision-makers in just about every industry in North America. When candidates are matched with clients by the firm – it’s often like reconnecting with an old friend!


Since 2012, DERGEL Executive Search has published a variety of reports whose subject matter is devoted to increasing the flow of information about prominent executive MOVES in companies of all sizes in Canada and the United States. These reports, called CxO MOVES, as well as CxO Search Reports (for executives only) are distributed weekly to a captive audience of hundreds of thousands of industry professionals. Once again, the principle of building trust – this time through information sharing – is championed by the firm.